Welcome to Honeymood Studio!

I'm Maggie, the spirited artist behind this quirky colorful space.

With a background in art and design and a heart bursting with a love for all kinds of art, I've finally taken the plunge to share my passion with you, and the world.

The name "Honeymood" was born out of my deep awe for life's little moments... The ones that make everyday special. I draw most of my inspiration from those moments. The wonderful people I cherish in my
life, the connections we experience, the gentle days surrounded by
nature, and the boundless depths of human emotions we get to live through.

Fueled by my tendency to daydream, my inspirations spring from random chats, catchy tunes, movies, or
quirky things that stick in my mind. So, expect the unexpected, there
is definitely no particular order!

My wish is that my art brings some joy to your day and encourages you to pause and appreciate life's simple pleasures.

So glad to have you here!

Teddy , Head of Encouragement

Teddy's main responsibilities include constant snuggles, keeping me company while I work and distracting me when my paintbrush is at its most crucial moment, all while being utterly adorable.